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Who We Are

We are...

Open -- You don't have to have the answers or believe the "right" things. All you need is a desire to be part of a community that is trying to follow Jesus' way of love.

Casual -- Do you like to dress upGreat - wear a suit or dress! Do you prefer to dress comfortably? Wear your jeans and a t-shirt. Come as you are!

Diverse -- Young & Old, Democrat, LIbertarian, & Republican, Lifelong Christians and New Believers, Seekers and Questioners, Employed and Unemployed, Rich and Poor - God's got plenty of room for us all, and so do we! 

Non-judgmental -- We strive to accept you as you are - and we hope you'll do the same with us. Each of us has gifts, and each of us has room for growth. Together, we can grow stronger in our spiritual journey.